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Alkaline Water Pitcher

best alkaline water pitcher

Alkaline Water Pitcher     Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher You're about to discover the very Best Alkaline Water Pitcher. Although there aren't really many good ones to choose from yet, this one is the one you will want to have and use daily. There are a lot of water filter pitchers like Brita and Pur, the two most common ones that only remove the smell of chlorine not the actual chlorine or any other harmful chemicals, microbials and still leave the water acidic not alkaline. I love the Cerra Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher and how it not only purifies, but structures the water for better absorption and makes it a health alkaline PH level.   Drinking this highly prettified alkaline water helps me perform better at the gym, on the trail or even while creative writing. I have tried many water pitchers, but love that this one is actually alkaline and creates micro clustered, structured water with H2 hydrogen water infusion. It is like a mini alkaline water ionizer without the thousand dollar cost. It exceeds my previous favorite the Zero Water pitcher because of the hydrating quality of the water it produces.      Health Benefits of Alkaline Water There are so …

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