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The Best Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer


Portable Water Purifier

portable water filter - woman with waterHaving a portable water purifier with you on the go can save your life! Imagine yourself faced with no clean drinking water and the thought of becoming really sick if you are forced to drink contaminated water. There is no need to risk this when you have a portable water filter in your backpack or vehicle. Feeling healthy and being disease free is too important in today's heavily polluted world.


Drinking tap or polluted stream water leads to a host of diseases and syndromes, besides ending up sack as a dog.  I couldn't even imagine not having safe drinking water by my side. Getting a portable water ionizer is one of the most important things you can do if you're on the go.

You'll look and feel healthy, energetic and even heal some inflammatory conditions because of the alkalinity of ionized water. If you want a pitcher filter instead, then get the Cerra Alkailne Water Purifier, as it’s much more powerful than brita or pur, and actually makes the water alkaline and healthy.


Safe Drinking Water Anywhere You Go!

Having a good manual water filter (one that doesn’t require electricity) is great when you're on the go, or if you're a hiker or outdoors person.  Katadyn makes the longest lasting, and most durable water purification method you can find on the planet. I highly recommend the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter because it has the most powerful filter system, and highly durable and fairly easy to clean too.


Use the Katadyn or the Alkapod line because they have the smallest 0.2 micron filtering (meaning it gets to the microscopic protozoa level of filtering) and is used even on muddy water! The Alkapod even has zeolite in it, although it’s not as durable as the Katadyn, it is more economic if you’re on a strict budget. These are both very solid units and no batteries needed. They are Swiss engineered with a lifetime warranty. They much better than the cheaper plastic models that break within 7 months.

Store the alkaline filtered water in a stainless steel BPA free container, ceramic or other BPA free container.  Use water purification tablets if you're in a highly contaminated area.


Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets are an easy way to reduce some pathogens, heavy metals and radiation!  I recommend Adya Clarity, OxySilver, Liquid Zeolites, or a Steripen (which uses UV light to kill pathogens, like brain eating amoeba in some contaminated water.)



Portable Water Ionizers

alkapod portable water ionizerUsing a portable alkaline water ionizer gives you so many benefits even more than a standard filter or purifier. It makes the water highly alkaline, which prevents disease, hydrates your body, helps with tissue and cell recovery and promotes anti-aging. Unless you have one at home and fill your bottles regularly. I do both! I will warn you that people will want to borrow your ionizer or bring their bottles and fill them up at your house. You can help others as you help yourself and your family, and maybe even make a few new friends. Here are a few of the things it can do for you:

  • You feel more energetic and balanced (it has high electrical potential and removes energy sappers)
  • You remove excess acidity from your body (reduce inflammation and inflammatory conditions like arthritis)
  • Your skin looks more radiant and fuller (it hydrates at the cellular level)
  • It causes you to flush excess toxins from your body (rids heavy metals, acids and pathogens)
  • It even helps you lose weight (breaks down the fatty acid layers and flushes them)

It is by far the best tasting water you'll ever taste. It has all the beneficial minerals in it that create bone density and proper muscular contractions. Your body just functions better when you are fully hydrated with ionized alkaline filtered water.


The Alkapod Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer

portable water purifier alkapodThe Alkapod is a highly affordable health creating machine. It does so much for so little. It is easy to carry around and produces clean healthy alkaline water in a matter of seconds. Here's what's inside this powerful compact purifier:

  • Quickly transforms your water into a smooth and sweet tasting purified water
  • Filters chlorine and other contaminants out
  • Improves your body's Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • Increase your pH level up to 9.5 (very alkaline and disease preventing)
  • Provides an abundance of healing Negative Ions
  • Provides superior Hydration by micro clustering your water (your body can only absorb small water molecules)
  • Gives you powerful Antioxidant potential (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential “ORP” by at least 200mv)
  • Creates a natural Far Infrared Ionization
  • Uses silver Ceramic and Anti-bacterial balls for disease prevention
  • Removes excess oxidation from your body -You can see this as Activated Hydrogen bubbles are formed
  • Delivers an abundance of Activated Hydrogen to help eliminate free radicals (the ones that cause aging and disease)

Get your Alkapod today and you won't have to leave your health in some one else's hands. For more information visit portable water filtration.

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