Under Sink Water Ionizer


under counter water ionizer

Under Sink Water Ionizer

Benefits of a Tyent Under Sink Water Ionizer. Health and Wealth are intimately related. Without health you won't be able to enjoy wealth. When you are of a healthy mind and body, the sky is the limit and you have the drive and motivation to do anything – and you can!  This is where drinking alkaline water comes in to give you that advantage you need to lead the way to a life of health and happiness.


Using an under sink water ionizer creates highly health rejuvenating (and disease preventing) water that no other type of filtering can produce. How can drinking and using alkaline ionized water provide so many positive health, mood and beauty benefits?


Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

 Fully Quenches Your Thirsty Feeling
It hydrates down to a cellular level that you can feel!
 Provides An Energy Boost
Muscle and Nerve Cells thrive when they are properly hydrated. If they are not, you will not be able to perform at your best.
 Makes You Look Much Younger
Your skin and hair fill back out as you fully rehydrate them and balance out the excess acids that lead to skin dryness, irritation, wrinkling and scalp toxicity.
 Enhances Your Mental and Physical Performance
Any athlete will tell you that keeping yourself fully hydrated makes the difference between winning and dropping out from muscle cramps or heat exhaustion. Our brains are mostly water and electrical potential. Ionized alkaline water has high electrical potential and is filled with electrolytes. The result is your brain is wired for success and that lethargic (acidic) feeling is dissipated.
 Improves Digestion
We are not what we eat, but rather what we actually absorb. Since we are mostly water (70%+) it makes the most sense to make sure that the water we take into our bodies is the best quality possible.
 Builds Strong Bones and Teeth
Soft Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water will make your bones and teeth brittle. Using ionic water actually strengthens our internal structures.
 Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
Having a balanced PH level in our bodies allows our bodies to function the way they were meant to. That means not holding onto acidic formations in the body that become hardened and trapped.
 Detoxes Your Body
The structure of ionized water binds to toxins and helps your body flush them naturally. It is a natural anti-oxidant and a powerful one at that.
 Promotes Health and Prevents Diseases
Most diseases thrive in an acidic environment and can't live in an alkaline one. Make your body inhospitable to invading energy vampires that sap your energy and health. Drinking alkaline ionized water provides one of the best overall health and performance advantages as we are mostly water and we can control what kind we choose to drink. You get a lot of bang for your buck!


Tyent USA alkaline water ionizer


Tyent Under Sink Water Ionizer


This is the cream of the crop for under sink water ionizers. It is developed by Tyent USA and it is the new standard in water ionization.  Its luxurious, modern design will have you feeling great in showing off not only how nice it looks, but how great your water actually tastes! It has the power to revitalize and ionize even the toughest US tap water.


It has a very high tech sophisticated design that uses a spigot that's only ten inches height and two and a half inches wide, you get nine preset pH levels customizable to 76, a beautiful seven color LCD screen, pH and ORP display, filter life display, and convenient touch sensors to control it all. It is the best alkaline Water Ionizer you can get!


The Tyent Ace under sink water ionizer uses an eleven plate and four filter ionization system that sits neatly under your sink and out of the way while providing you the cleanest healthiest and best tasting drinking water you have ever hydrated yourself with.  The Tyent USA under counter water ionizer comes equipped with four medical grade filters that cleans up and revitalizes your tap water, while the powerful electrolysis chamber ionizes your water to a perfect alkaline drinking water. 


under sink water ionizer


Under Counter Water Ionizer

Introducing the Tyent Under Counter Alkaline Water Ionizer – Health You Can Taste and Feel. This investment is one that your whole family (will also save you and them many doctor visits) will enjoy and it is backed up with a five year unlimited parts, labor and shipping warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. 


Tyent USA has been distributing counter top and under sink water ionizers for seven years, so you can order from us with confidence that you'll be treated right. Just click on the Tyent #1 Water Ionizers (pictured above) and you'll not only improve your health and performance but also enjoy the cleanest and best tasting drinking water you've ever had. Get the best under sink water ionizer today and improve you and your family's health by leaps and bounds.

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