Alkaline Water Pitcher

Alkaline Water Pitcher


alkaline water filter pitcher


Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

You're about to discover the very Best Alkaline Water Pitcher. Although there aren't really many good ones to choose from yet, this one is the one you will want to have and use daily. There are a lot of water filter pitchers like Brita and Pur, the two most common ones that only remove the smell of chlorine not the actual chlorine or any other harmful chemicals, microbials and still leave the water acidic not alkaline. I love the Cerra Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher and how it not only purifies, but structures the water for better absorption and makes it a health alkaline PH level.


Drinking this highly prettified alkaline water helps me perform better at the gym, on the trail or even while creative writing. I have tried many water pitchers, but love that this one is actually alkaline and creates micro clustered, structured water with H2 hydrogen water infusion. It is like a mini alkaline water ionizer without the thousand dollar cost. It exceeds my previous favorite the Zero Water pitcher because of the hydrating quality of the water it produces. 


benefits of alkaline water


Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

There are so many Health Benefits of Alkaline Water that you should know about. Here are the most common ionized alkaline water benefits:


  • Elevates Blood Oxygen Levels (helps increase circulation)
  • Removes Excess Acids (the cause of most chronic diseases)
  • Deeply Hydrates Your Whole Body (which is 80-90% water)
  • Makes Blood Cells Less Sticky (prevent anemia)
  • Energizes Your Brain and Body (better brain and organ hydration)
  • Helps You Perform Better (exercise faster, longer and stronger without burnout)
  • Increases Muscular Endurance (fatigue is caused by lactic acid buildup)
  • Prevents Excess Cramping (acidity is a main cause of muscle cramps)
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis (increased bone, tendon and ligament strength)
  • Helps Prevent Cancer (cancer cells can't live in an alkaline body)
  • Natural Antioxidant (powerful natural antioxidant that helps heal your body)
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory (most chronic diseases if from an acidic body and inflammation)


Alkaline water benefits have been known for about a century now, since Dr. Otto Warburg did blood studies showing the difference it makes inside your body. He won a Nobel peace prize for showing how blood alkalinity can prevent and reverse cancer.


best alkaline water pitcher


Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

You can get an alkaline water machine and make your own healthy alkaline water at home. Alkaline water helps your red blood cells carry oxygen (more energy to your brain and organs) and even prevents chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease, lung conditions and cancers! There are many fitness benefits too, like being able to perform much better, much longer, without excess muscle burn (lactic acid.) It's all in the Ph of Water.


The Cerra Water Alkaline Water Ionizer Pitcher is totally unique in it combines the functions a water alkaline machine and a water ionizer. It even creates H2 hydrogen, micro-clustered structured water like an alkaline water ionizer does). The alkaline pitcher is great for everyday type use. Get the best you can because you health is your wealth! The Cerra Alkaline Water Pitcher is the best portable alkaline water pitcher you can get! 

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