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The Instant Health And Performance Advantage


Why Use A Hybrid Water Alkalizer?

woman enjoying water from alkalizerIt is by far the easiest health advantage to use: You just drink the water that comes out of the ionizer and you get a powerful dose of healing waters that is the most crisp and clean water you've ever tasted. It fully hydrates your body, meaning that your body actually absorbs this water because of it's PH level and micro clustering (it's just the right size to be used by the brain, nervous system and body).  


This Ionic Alkalinewater has a high electrical potential which energizes all cells and makes them function at their highest level. The alkalinity neutralizes acids in the body (most disease and inflammation in the body are caused by an overly acidic PH level in the body). The hybrid unit allows you to take the unit anywhere and just pour in standard tap or bottled water into the top and get pure, clean ionized and alkalized drinking water in seconds!


How Easy Is The Hybrid Water Ionizer To Use?

It's totally portable and light weight!  You simply bring it along for the trip wherever you go.  No need to lug around big and heavy water ionizers to get all the health and performance benefits.  It's a very powerful unit! It has 125 watts of purification power and four slotted platinum titanium plates makes it more powerful than most home water ionizers on the market!  It gives you a range of 10.5 pH to 3.5 pH! 


It is high tech, stylish and yet so easy to enjoy! You'll be proud to take the Hybrid with you and show it to your friends and neighbors. It comes standard with 6 pH level settings!  Three alkaline and three acid settings give you everything from strong alkaline water for cooking and making your coffee to strong acid water to disinfect your countertop, sponges, and toothbrushes.  And of course it makes the perfect drinking water at a 9.5 pH and -300 ORP!


It's extremely healing and therapeutic too. It is infused with powerful antioxidants that detox your body as you drink it! The Hybrid ionizes your water up to -300 ORP!  So you're not sacrificing any antioxidant power by going portable. 


Here's How Easy It Is To Enjoy:

  1. Fill the unit with tap water to the water line.
  2. Select the pH that you want to use. For drinking water, select “m” for medium alkalinity.
  3. Place a bottle or cup on the filtered water pedestal on the right.
  4. Touch the “on” button and watch it flow into your cup or bottle.
  5. The alkaline water dispenses into your bottle, as the acidic water collects in the bottom tank.
  6. When your cup is full, release the water flow “on” button.
  7. Drink and enjoy!
  8. Use the acidic water on your skin, your plants, on your countertop, etc.

You get this commercial grade hybrid water ionizer for a fraction of the cost of home systems, yet it is as powerful as most home units.


Buy Your Own Ionized Water Machine

 Here's a demonstration of how easy it is to use:

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These units are such a necessity in today's contaminated world, they sell out faster than they are being manufactured! Please check back often and grab one as soon as you can. Don't wait and put your family's health in the hands of your local water district! The chemicals, toxins and viruses in almost all tap water is highly contaminated and can make you, your family and kids really sick. The lithium and heavy metals are now linked to autism in kids.  Click the Water for Life banner below and get yours now!



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