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Alkaline Water Benefits

benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline Water Benefits     Benefits of Alkaline Water Alkaline Water Benefits. I'm sure you've either heard people talking about drinking alkaline water for their health or seen alkaline water bottles in your local grocery, convenience or health food store. But what actually is alkaline water and how is it different that regular tap water, bottled water or distilled water? I've been drinking alkaline water now for about 8-10 years and it has helped me stay free from any chronic disease and in optimum health. I love the Benefits of Alkaline Water and how it helps me perform better at the gym, on the trail or even while creative writing.   Does making your own alkaline water require an alkaline water machine or can I just use an alkaline pitcher or alkaline water bottle filter? Is a Water Ionizer an Water Alkalizer or is it more? Is alkaline water really any healthier than acidic water, and if it is then what are the top Alkaline Water Health Benefits and reasons why I should be drinking it. You'll see all the benefits of alkaline water and ionized water and also a basic explanation of different water PH types below.      Health Benefits of …

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